Moving verified monitoring to public-private partnerships

Value comes from central station interaction

“The insurance industry pays over 90 percent of the losses that occur for every burglary,” Jentoft said. “Our goal is to work in partnership. To see results and foster captures. Ideally, ISO can quantify how video response works to reduce losses. People might not understand that this is a really big deal. One arrest means 30 fewer burglaries to an insurer.”

David Shillingford, president of Verisk Crime Analytics added: “It is imperative that private industry become better at collaborating and sharing data with the public sector and creating analytical crime prevention methods. PPVAR is a great example of this new breed of public-private partnerships.”

Security industry members of the PPVAR board include: Jacqueline Grimm, vice president-Security Solutions, Diebold Inc.; Douglas Curtiss, president-Sonitrol New England; Jon Bolen, chief technology officer-Interface Security Systems Inc.; and Robert Baxter, president-Radius Security Inc.

It’s time to get real about the facts and promote the verification of alarms, with video, audio and other methods, and work to get our value proposition back to where it used to be.