Outlining business trends among integrators

Interactive services are leading an IT-centric shift in business opportunities

Nuccio noted that he is seeing more of his customers requesting an integrated solution that combines seamless links between video and access control.

Interactive Services

The growth of expanded technology applications certainly shows how evolving interactive services could be a game-changer for the industry. Over the next two years, survey respondents list potential revenue growth coming from alternative alarm signal transmission (replacing POTS), system control with smart phones and tablets, security riding on the IT network and replacing guards with video surveillance.

“This syncs with every trend in our business,” Nuccio said. “Mobile devices and apps are everything! We have always had a culture here of subscription-based services, so moving service technology offerings to the cloud is an easy transition for us. We have been extremely active in transitioning to interactive services over the past 18 to 20 months and this will remain a priority.”

Another hot button for survey respondents were potential opportunities in the light commercial sector as they related to interactive services. Last year’s survey results demonstrated a growing RMR option for those who embraced residential interactive services; however, the survey indicated that the opportunity for light commercial applications may actually represent an even larger revenue base for integration companies.

“The gating factor for light commercial is the systems are not as cookie-cutter as on the residential side,” Guilbeau said. “You need more product variety and greater technical knowledge to provide integrated security and small-scale control for retailers, professional service organizations and the like. So there’s more to think through and prepare for to be successful in this area.”

The survey also supported the new environment of today’s dealer and systems integrator, as three of the top four operational investment projections for respondents were geared towards IT. They included IP/IT training, technical staff recruitment, training and development, and IT solutions systems design and installation — with an average annual investment increase of 8% for each. “As the traditional commercial market started to deteriorate there has been more emphasis on building the interactive services end of the business,” said Nuccio. “It is a learning experience for us all.”