Much ado about drones

Despite privacy concerns, aerial surveillance has proven to be an effective crime fighting tool

That’s not to say, however, that providers of aerial surveillance solutions shouldn’t be concerned about privacy. McNutt said that his company has “a lot of privacy policies” and that they don’t “just pick people off the street and follow them.”

The arguments currently taking place at the federal and state level over the use of drones is not unlike those that have taken place through the years over municipal, ground-based surveillance networks. People’s fears about their use are also understandable, but potentially a bit overblown. Yes, it is a little disconcerting to think that your movements are being watched by an airborne robot or even a manned aircraft, but the fact is we’re being watched already as McNutt accurately points out – whether it is at an intersection or in a grocery store aisle. Like it or not, aerial surveillance appears to be the wave of the future, be it through the use of drones or a solution like that provided by McNutt’s company.