Knowing crime trends before the door

Americans will never forget the surreal footage of heavily armed police officers combing Boston’s quiet neighborhoods last month in search of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects. Although it was a terrorist crisis of international significance – hardly a typical break-in – those chilling images reminded us that a homeowner’s confidence can be shaken at any time.

Security companies are there to offer peace of mind. When going to market, sales representatives try to find areas that need it most.

Websites and mobile apps such as and work with law enforcement agencies to provide geo-based details of incidents in a specific neighborhood. Sales reps can surf up-to-date maps for various crimes including theft, assault, vandalism, and drug/alcohol violations. They also can set up daily, weekly or monthly notifications that a crime has been committed in a selected area.

This data is a great reference for a door-knocker’s route. It’s also helpful information that can be published on their company’s website or relayed to a prospective customer at the door.

Some dealers take their research a step further and use specialized software to learn about the prospective customers in their target areas. With an exclusive “LOCATE” app, Monitronics independent Authorized Dealers can gather vital information about customers, including name, household income and whether they own or rent.

Culling these resources, they’ll have the right route and the right homes to knock before ever hitting the pavement.