Galaxy Controls' history of success revolves around innovation, customer satisfaction

When I first began attending the ASIS conferences more than 25 years ago, the show floor was still populated by entrepreneurial companies run by bright-eyed engineers. These were independent and primarily United States based technology companies that shared a sort of fraternal camaraderie that is almost absent today.

Back in the day it was physical access control and card technology, not video, that highlighted innovation in the security industry. So for me, it is refreshing to see pioneers like Robert Laughlin, president and founder of Galaxy Control Systems, regain some of its former clout with its fresh approach to its customers and the channel.

Galaxy, a privately held company based in Walkersville, Maryland, has emerged from the shadows after some reorganization and internal reassessment. Instead of spending profits on high profile marketing and gaudy show booths the last two to three years, Galaxy management took a calculated risk. They decided to reinvest almost every dollar into a more local sales effort, supporting its sales people, local reps and reinvigorating its channel efforts.

“Satisfying the needs of customers with superior performance, support and cost-efficiency has always been our first priority. This philosophy drives our business model and has been the foundation of our success for over 30 years,” says Laughlin. “Our latest introductions here at ASIS 2013 have been engineered with customers’ past, present and future needs in mind so that we can most effectively meet both their technical and financial objectives.”

Both Laughlin and longtime executive vice president Rick Caruthers wanted to refocus the way the company went to market. They felt they needed to improve some of the company’s technology offerings, as well as its approach to the channel to earn backs some of its lost luster.

“We feel we have done all the heavy lifting needed to become a line industry reps will be proud to endorse and sell. We’ve grown and matured as a company over the past several years and feel very comfortable being able to compete on the same playing field as some of the converged companies,” explains Caruthers.

Galaxy is presenting their comprehensive line of innovative solutions at this year’s ASIS show. Featured introductions include new Systems Galaxy Software and a new dual serial interface that deliver innovative features and integration for new and legacy access control systems while protecting users’ investments in existing hardware and infrastructure.

Leading the new products being introduced at ASIS is Galaxy’s System Galaxy Software (v.10.3). The new software, which features a wide range of innovative capabilities, is backwards-compatible and interfaces with legacy Galaxy systems. System Galaxy Software enables users to add the latest functionality available while maintaining their existing investment in access control infrastructure, and without having to rip and replace entire systems.

Additional enhancements to System Galaxy Software include active directory support to enable real-time identity management, individualized identity-based door access, enhanced reporting and data sharing with other systems. Application-specific features include one-minute door open schedules plus 100 additional day types. The system can incorporate unlimited users and is accessible from mobile web browsers.

Galaxy is also introducing the 635 Dual Serial Interface (DSI) for their 600 series Access Control Panel. Engineered to improve third party integration, enhance user convenience and ensure interoperability with a multitude of manufacturers’ current and legacy hardware, the new DSI board is another example of Galaxy’s commitment to their customers.

The 635 DSI supports wireless reader technology, relay controls, LCD displays and Galaxy 485 Remote DPI modules, with added support for multidrops and more power connections.

“Since I come from an engineering background, we’ve always taken a lot of pride in our technology and its capabilities. But it has been very tough to go through the process of high-level management changes,” adds Laughlin. “However necessary it may be to experience a changing of the guard, it is never easy. But we feel extremely confident that we have the right team in place to take Galaxy where it needs to be in the next five years and into the future.”
Stay tuned for more reports from the ASIS show floor over the next several days, as I provide some insights and comments from our Chicago visit.