Expert: Don't overlook Cyber Monday risks

Increase in website traffic volume could pose significant challenges for online retailers

SIW: In addition to attacks from cyber criminals, do retailers also need to be on-guard against threats posed by so-called hacktivist groups and what steps can they take to protect themselves?

Kalinich: While hactivist groups are a growing threat, they use many of the same attack methods as other cyber criminals. It is unfortunate that protestors do not use solely legal methods to demonstrate their disagreements with legitimate opposing opinions.

SIW: Are there any risks posed by Cyber Monday people aren't currently aware of that could potentially cause significant damage to retailers?

Kalinich: Third-party outsourced service providers, such as cloud computing, payment processors, mobile device networks, social media and big data analytics, face aggregation risk from the combination of their retail clients using their services at the same time on Cyber Monday. The outsourced systems have not been tested for the pure volume of such activity, and may not be able to withstand the onslaught. If one of these third party providers is interrupted, it could affect multiple retailers at the same time.