Why every security consultant should attend the IAPSC conference

Editor’s note: The article below was written by IAPSC President, Frank Pisciotta, CSC. This is a great conference that every security consultant should consider attending. It features great vendor displays, discussions and sharing. There is something for everybody. I will be attending and look forward to seeing colleagues and other consultants there.  – Curt

The International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC) is one of the most widely respected and recognized security associations in the industry. Its rigid membership requirements allow potential clients to select from an elite group of professional, ethical and competent security consultants.  The annual IAPSC conference helps consultants build their practices with training and networking opportunities that focus on the following:

  • Building Your Business – Practical tips that can help you increase your revenues by double digit percentages.  It is impossible not to take away two to three tips that you can immediately put into practice.  I can report that in the 2007 conference, I learned about, and applied, one marketing tip that has resulted in almost $500,000 in increased firm revenue.
  • Practice Management – Scaling up your practice and effective teaming strategies will be one of many key programs that you can use to build and manage your practice.  In another session, technology solutions to build your practice will be covered.
  • Consulting Centers of Excellence – Training programs and presentations cater to an array of consulting centers of excellence such as security management (generalists), forensic (expert witnessing) and technical (security design). For years the IAPSC has been the leader in training independent security consultants at ASIS International’s annual meeting.  Round table discussions will provide one-on-one time with subject matter experts in each consulting center of excellence. 

So, if you are contemplating changing careers or starting a consulting practice, this is the event for you - an intimate setting with ready access to world class security experts and technology.  Hand-picked manufacturers provide one-on-one exposure to cutting-edge and state-of-the-art solutions that you can apply for your clients.  Whether you are providing risk assessment recommendations or testifying in court, you need to keep pace with best practices, emerging technologies and how they can be applied to reducing criminal and terrorist risks.

In addition to a wide slate of excellent speakers, one of the practical highlights of the program will be the session on "risky facilities."  In any large city, just a handful of “places” give the police far more trouble than all the rest put together. In each case, just a few produce far more crime, disorder and calls for police assistance than the rest of the group combined. This phenomenon—called risky facilities—has important implications for many security projects. This session will help attendees understand how to identify risky facilities and mitigate risks at the facility.  If there is one skill set every security consultant needs to have it is assessing risk.  This particular session alone, in my opinion, is worth the price of admission.

Lastly, based on the location below, this conference is going to be a lot of fun.  Click here for more information or to register for the 2014 IAPSC conference.