Are DIY solutions a legitimate threat to traditional alarm dealers?

Consumers seemingly becoming more interested in setting up their own systems

Another advantage for sellers of DIY home security kits, according to Barnes, is that they’re not encumbered by the geographic hurdles that many traditional dealers are. For example, there may consumers in remote areas of the country who are interested in having a home security system, but it’s not financially prudent for a dealer to send a salesman and a subsequent installer out to that person because they’re so far away. With a DIY system, they can order the system online, get it shipped to them the next day and have it up and running within an hour or so.

One thing is for certain when it comes to DIY and that is that the industry, as a whole, is definitely beginning to take notice of the opportunities that exist there. “I think the DIY segment has some real staying power,” said Barnes. “I love the (business) model, absolutely love the model. I think it has got legs.”