Finding RMR at ISC West

Tradeshow presents the perfect opportunity to find alternate sources of revenue generation

Look past the bells, whistles, flashing lights and other hoopla at ISC West this week and you’ll see more than hardware and boxes.  You’ll discover new ways to bring recurring monthly revenue (RMR) and cash flow to the solutions you sell.

Shifting your focus from hardware and a "break-fix" mentality to "everything as a service" can be a difficult transition, but ISC West is the perfect place to explore finding more RMR through the cloud, mobile apps and software-as-a-service (SaaS).

Hosted video is a phenomenal way to bring RMR into the fold. On the camera side of the equation, anytime hosting is possible you relieve some of the pressure associated with on-site storage of high-resolution video. And did you know that analog cameras also yield strong RMR? With solutions such as the Cloud Streamer Video Program (SPCVS) from Security Partners/Mace, integration companies like Omni-Watch Systems are doing just that.

Security Partners, based in Lancaster, Pa., offers two different hosted video programs to its dealers through its Advanced Services Division: The Security Partners Cloud Video Streamer (SPCVS) program and the Axis AVHS IP Cloud Hosting program hosted by Secure-i servers.

The large installed base of analog cameras means more opportunity for RMR – and that’s what Butch Davis, president of Omni-Watch Systems, a division of Rapid Response Systems Inc. in Garland, Texas, is currently experiencing. Davis has steadily increased his recurring revenue, targeting SMBs with analog infrastructures. When Davis started the program he was making under $8,000 per month in RMR. Now, he’s making about $18,000 a month in RMR from the hosted video service.

Think IT

Third party central stations are growing and evolving into virtual data centers and they can help find more RMR. One of the new RMR generating strategies by Secure Global Solutions (SGS) LLC is a remote monitoring and management (RMM) gateway product, the Network Navigator, which will be featured at an event during the show on Thursday, April 3 from 8 to 11 a.m. at the Wynn Hotel.  

“The transition to IP communications is creating a revolution for central stations,” says Hank Goldberg, vice president at SGS. “Network Navigator is creating new revenue opportunity in the wholesale marketplace and gives dealers the ability to translate everything to RMR,” he says. “We are in data delivery and this product acts as the lynchpin to collect, analyze and deliver data.”

Software providers offer a variety of packages to automate RMR services, most with a common interface tying together functional modules that perform specific network management tasks. Automation software can typically resolve and remediate 80 percent or greater of customer problems remotely, and most often before the customer even knows there was a problem, avoiding expensive help calls and client visits. ConnectWise, an ISC West exhibitor, is the developer of a business management platform designed for technology solution providers to increase profitability, efficiency and control. Some of the managed services available through the software include: hardware-as-a-service; mobile point-of-sale; digital signage; inventory and control; anti-virus, data storage, backup and disaster recovery; VoIP; surveillance and access control; email management and administration; and SaaS.

In hosted access control, RMR comes in many flavors. Companies can provide total assistance to the customer – accountability of employees, management of cards and privileges – or leave it to the end user to decide what they want to administer.

Mike Taylor, senior director of sales for Brivo Systems, says hosted access control offers integrators the ability to increase the overall value of their company.  “Our solution delivers recurring revenue for company owners, and it has little or no costs associated with it.” 

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