Could this cloud-based workspace tool revolutionize the job of risk assessors?

Intellinote helps security firm’s personnel collaborate in an innovative new way

Beyond the typical technology solutions that are traditionally associated with security (video surveillance, access control, intrusion alarms, etc.), perhaps the most important tool at the disposal of security professionals are those that enable user-intuitive communications and collaboration capabilities in the field. Oftentimes, however, communication between field personnel and those working at headquarters or in a central command center are limited by a lack of connectivity.

Intellinote, which provides a cloud-based workspace tool to help streamline workflow processes for individuals and teams, is looking to solve this problem and recently announced a partnership with Virtual Defense and Development International (VDI), which has integrated its Virtual Management System (VMS) with the Intellinote solution.

According to Tony Lopresti, CEO of Intellinote and one of its three co-founders, said that the company was born out of their own personal frustration around building teams and getting people to work effectively together.

“Specifically, Intellinote is a cloud-based workspace for teams and individuals to accomplish anything,” explained Lopresti. “It is a place for capturing information. That information could be, in an inspection case, images and notes on physical facilities. It could also be documents, written notes, tasks, emails and all sorts of things. Intellinote allows that to be captured and accessed from any device, anytime and anywhere. And it allows people to collaborate around that information, to share and discuss around anything that’s captured. Finally, it is a place for completing work and we have all sorts of features to let people track tasks, track metrics and, ultimately, get work done.”      

VDI has been in business since 1996 and provides specialized intelligence and security management operations primarily overseas, according to the company’s CEO Don Pepper. About two years ago, Pepper said that VDI developed its VMS solution as a way to really address customer needs by collecting and analyzing security incidents, track their assets and provide a better tool for crisis management. VDI launched VMS at one of their major client sites last year and recently began working with Intellinote to bring a field-based application to this security management software tool.

With one of its primary focuses being intelligence, Pepper said that many of VDI’s customers are U.S.-based companies with global operations. They also work with many foreign companies and their respective intelligence services, providing support and training. Additionally, Pepper said they place security managers in their clients’ organizations and that Intellinote has proven to be an invaluable information gathering tool in the field.

“Primarily before, as we had security managers going out to the field and looking at individuals handling security , doing audits and doing all of that, they were basically, I think as the industry does in general, collecting (information) on their computers, via recordings, notepads, taking pictures and then they were collating that back in the office,” said Pepper. “With the system that Intellinote built, first of all they’re disconnected, they don’t have to be connected to the Internet, they can take all of these notes on an iPad, they can take pictures that are geo-located and uploaded; everything gets put onto the iPad and then when they’re back and they have connectivity it all loads directly into the system. So, it has provided tremendous cost and time savings for us in terms of information collection. It also allows collaboration as they’re gathering the information and other people can look at what they’re doing, so from a management and collaboration standpoint it has been a real game changer.”

 Since launching the product late last year, Lopresti said that there are already about 3,000 organizations using the cloud-based tool, which run the gamut from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations.

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