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  • Should Schools Go on the Offensive?

    By Steve Lasky - Friday December 21, 2012
    At least when I was in elementary school we knew who we were supposed to fear. It was the Cold War era, and if you attended school on a military base like I did, vigilance dictated that emergency preparedness consisted of constant drilling for that...
  • Securing New Orleans with an incident command approach

    By Steve Lasky - Wednesday August 3, 2011
    Much like the coaching staffs he is charged to protect, New Orleans deputy mayor Lt. Colonel Jerry Sneed, USMC retired, says that good game preparation is the key to success. Speaking as a keynote at the second annual National Sports Safety and Security...
  • Welcome to the State

    By Steve Lasky - Monday March 22, 2010
    "Those who are willing to trade government security and comfort for their own freedom and liberty deserve neither!" -- Thomas Jefferson. Now that my blog hiatus has concluded, I have been convinced that sharing my thoughts of the day is something my...