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  • Security Goes on Auction: “Do I hear $450?”

    By Geoff Kohl - Friday August 10, 2007
    About a month ago, a Swiss firm launched an online auction site (aka Wabisabilabi) that claimed to help bring the world "one step closer to zero risk." Now, the interesting thing about this online auction site and it's auspicious...
  • Casinos and change

    By Greg McConnell - Monday August 6, 2007
    First off, I fully realize that I nearly had my blogging license revoked.  A month without posting?  Yikes!  (My apologies.) Anyway, a week ago I was up in northern Michigan for a wedding on the beautiful Lake Charlevoix.  It was a nice...
  • Security in the Movies

    By Geoff Kohl - Wednesday July 25, 2007
    I was on the phone yesterday with an assistant of Simon Kinberg, the screenwriter who penned Mr. and Mrs. Smith and  X-Men: The Last Stand . His assistant, a former writer for E! Online , is telling me that he's working on a movie plot in which...
  • Spammer: “Sell me some smoke detectors”

    By Geoff Kohl - Thursday July 19, 2007
    I wrote an article about this a while ago, but apparently my email address, that of a simple online security trade journal editor, has been misunderstood as someone who sells "products". Thus this morning, I got hit with the classic scam; it also...
  • Friday funny

    By Greg McConnell - Friday July 6, 2007
    The next time you're burglarizing a home and happen to find a nice webcam to steal, you might also want to grab the hard drive that recorded the whole thing . -Greg
  • Loss Prevention Safari Game

    By Geoff Kohl - Tuesday July 3, 2007
    "You were caught sneaking merchandise out with the garbage. Move back 2 spaces." It's about 3:30 on the Tuesday before July 4th, and while most desk employees are probably planning their day at the pool or thinking about how many pounds of beef they'll...
  • Lights: Don’t Try Campus Security Without Them

    By Greg McConnell - Friday June 29, 2007
    Earlier this month I found myself in an unexpected situation while walking across a hotel parking lot to my car.  Nothing in particular happened, it's just that there was something different about this walk across a hotel parking lot to my...
  • Glue in the Ports

    By Geoff Kohl - Friday June 22, 2007
    USB drives catch a lot of flack. They can be an easy way for intellectual property to walk out your front doors, but apparently they can be serious from a worm/virus standpoint as well. A recent advisory email from DeviceWall noted that a...
  • Power over Ethernet (and through bad weather)

    By Greg McConnell - Friday June 22, 2007
    IQinvision made a stop in Oak Brook, Illinois, this evening as part of their "Sentinel Roadshow," where the company is going to various towns to exhibit their new Sentinel Series of network cameras.  IQinvision is advertising their IQeye Sentinel...
  • Video Surveillance at Home

    By Geoff Kohl - Wednesday June 20, 2007
    I got an email earlier today with an interview request from a Baltimore newspaper that was covering ADT's Videoview system for residential video surveillance. I sent the reporter these thoughts, but I wanted to share them with our readers. In sum...