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  • Is IBM next?

    By Geoff Kohl - Monday August 28, 2006
    Earlier this week we published an interview with Steve Collen of Cisco, and judging by the number of your fellow readers who have loaded this article, we really struck a chord. Interestingly enough, just a day after we published that, we got wind that IBM...
  • Lessons from IT Security

    By Geoff Kohl - Wednesday August 23, 2006
    Here in the metro Atlanta area where the offices are, we've got a few big security players, like Videolarm and Vistacape, but on the IT security side, none are bigger than Internet Security Systems, better known as ISS. This...
  • Defragging the industry

    By Geoff Kohl - Wednesday August 16, 2006
    I spoke this morning with Steve Collen, the director of product marketing for Cisco. One of the things Steve and I spoke about was about "defragging the industry." Defragging is a term that computers use may know... it refers to the process of...
  • Sharing between private and public sectors

    By Geoff Kohl - Tuesday August 15, 2006
    I just came across a great resource for those of you who are high-level end users needing to share information and receive information with your counterparts at the FBI -- One of the cool things here is that with your...
  • The relationship between security and convenience

    By Geoff Kohl - Tuesday August 15, 2006
    from last column that appears as The Security Week That Was...     I was on the phone yesterday with Henri Nolin, CPP, who is one of the assistant chairpersons to ASIS International's Transportation Security Council. Nolin...
  • Enter the blogosphere

    By Geoff Kohl - Monday August 14, 2006
    As a journalist, I've always been a bit perplexed by the idea of a blog. In the world of media, we called such things "columns" and we wrote them to fill the blank spots on the editorial pages of newspapers...but today, with the Internet's changes, even a...