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The Public Safety Watch blog reviews matters of urban security, municipal video surveillance, protection of city and state facilities, and public safety topics, addressed with a security technology solutions viewpoint.

  • See it…say something

    By PublicSafetyWatch blog - Wednesday July 21, 2010
    Recently, following on New York City Transit’s theme, See Something, Say Something, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano announced the kickoff of a broader federal program to enlist the public in helping to identify suspicious people and events to provide...
  • Taking Transit Security Seriously

    By PublicSafetyWatch blog - Tuesday July 13, 2010
    I am very pleased to see two cities are taking positive steps to improve public transportation security – showing concern for their passengers and employees by leveraging proven technologies for crime prevention and police forensics. The Chicago...
  • Parking cams?

    By PublicSafetyWatch blog - Thursday May 13, 2010
    In a never-ending effort to find ways to raise revenue, cities continue to look at cameras in new and different ways. First there were red light cameras to catch us when we pushed a little too hard to beat that traffic light. Then came speed cameras to...
  • Surveillance cameras do work

    By PublicSafetyWatch blog - Tuesday May 4, 2010
    New York and Washington, D.C. newspapers have claimed that all of the surveillance cameras in the Times Square area didn't help in arresting a suspect in last weekend's attempted bombing in New York. But that doesn't mean cameras didn't play an...
  • Be alert using public transportation

    By PublicSafetyWatch blog - Wednesday April 28, 2010
    You can always count on thieves to quickly react to changes and take advantage of new opportunities. Recently the city of Boston completed installation of cell phone service for T-Mobile customers along the 11-mile Orange Line subway. So...
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