Ronen Isaac

In The Command Line blog, security integrator and networking expert Ronen Isaac discusses IP video technology, data networking and server control basics of relevance for systems integrators.

  • Overview of RAID for IP Video Storage

    By Ronen Isaac - Saturday February 26, 2011
     Storage is a big part of IP video security and so I thought I would start a small series of video storage starting with the basics.  Today we will discuss RAID.  RAID has been discussed many (x4) times throughout the years but I still get questions...
  • Outdoor 802.11n has arrived

    By Ronen Isaac - Wednesday October 14, 2009
    Now that 802.11n is ratified we are starting to see a rush of products come to market.  Of the the outdoor ones are the really interesting to me and probably to you since wireless IP cameras are mostly used outdoors where cabling is difficult...
  • Wireless Beamforming is so cool

    By Ronen Isaac - Friday September 11, 2009
    I have been saying this for a little over a year now but someone finally started testing the theory that wireless beamforming (if done correctly) is really cool. Tom's Hardware has produced a great and seriously in depth article about beamforming and...
  • Some thoughts on Public Surveillance RFPs

    By Ronen Isaac - Monday August 17, 2009
    I was looking at the latest public RFP for a wireless IP video surveillance solution and this RFP, like most, left me wondering why the protocol has remained as it has. Mainly: What was being asked for would require a small data center just to...
  • Gigabit wireless backhaul for IP video

    By Ronen Isaac - Sunday August 9, 2009
    You may or may not have head of millimeter wave or E-band gigabit wireless bridges but they have been around for several years now and are quite proven. We recently installed a pair of these bridges at one of our clients and are extremely impressed by...
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