Deister Electronic, Inc

Deister Electronic, Inc

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Deister Electronic is a leading manufacturer of high security biometric and proximity access control readers; MifareĀ® compatible products; Key Cabinets; Guard Tour patrol and maintenance verification, including man-down personal protection systems; Indus
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  • Pickering, ON L1J 1H1
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UDL120 UHF RFID Reader

Product From Deister Electronic, Inc

The UDL120 from Deister Electronic is a UHF RFID reader for mounting on forklifts or other vehicles in goods transfer processes. It is specially designed for identification of goods, goods carriers (i.e. palettes) and storage locations using latest UHF technology. This makes goods recognition easy without slowing down or even breaking the transfer process. The goods will be identified and recorded as soon as they are moved by the forklift. The modular reader system can easily be retrofitted. Following the building-kit strategy up to five UDL120 readers can be mounted to one forklift depending on the according application. Communication of the readers with the ERP/LVS system is accomplished fast and reliably via driver terminal.

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