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119 East McKnight Way
Unit A
Grass Valley, CA 95949

Phone: 530-477-2984
Toll Free: 888-622-4747

The ISIS Group is a well-established manufacturer of professional broadcast equipment. The OpenStore Tapeless Archival System uses digital technology to capture, store, and manage video images. OpenStore lets users choose how much data to store, and to select the image quality - from lower resolution VHS to very high quality - higher than that provided by a DVD. OpenStore is ideal for security environments where automated video management, image quality, and instant review are required. OpenStore eliminates large tape libraries and operator intervention, and the on-line review and clip creation functions makes sending copies within a facility or across the globe a matter of a few keystrokes.

ISIS introduces BNC version of RGBHV Super Switch

January 7, 2008
From Isis Group