Securesearch Inc

Company Details:
1010 Niagara St.,
Buffalo, NY 14213 USA

Phone: (416) 492-5349
Toll Free: 1-800-452-3130
Fax: 1888-501-4116

Produces training aids and kits used to instruct in courses about explosives, bombs, bomb threats, bomb disposal, vehicle-borne IEDs, and X-ray image identification and interpretation.

Produces training videos and course materials. Sells posters and related publications.

Manufactures x-ray correct exemplar inert IEDs, inert explosive simulants, prohibited items  and inert firearms exemplars for use in developing x-ray imaging equipment and to train and test screeners.

Provides training courses on several of the above subjects on an unscheduled basis, as arranged with the end users for their specific requirements.

Manufactures marker pens with micro trace live (NOT pseudo) explosives for detector K9 and Explosive Vapor Detector testing

Training kit for vehicle inspection for VBIEDs

Training kit for vehicle inspection for VBIEDs

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