SunWize Technologies Inc.

SunWize Technologies Inc.

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Provider of value added solar and battery back up power solutions products.
  • 1155 Flatbush Road
  • Kingston, NY 12401
  • Phone: 845-336-0146
  • Toll Free: 775-969-3131
  • Fax: 845-336-0457
  • Website:

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Solar Power Sources

Product From SunWize Technologies Inc.

SunWize Systems features power supplies for security technology. The products produce continuous power at all times - no matter where security equipment is located. The supplier's Power Ready Systems provide reliable power using solar technology, with no need to connect to the utility. The supplier's Power Online Systems are connected to the utility or lighting pole to supply DC and AC power with battery backup - power is always derived from the battery, so there is zero transfer time upon loss of utility power.

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