Viking Technology Inc

Viking Technology Inc

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Develops and supports software for state, local, federal, and private security forces. The software can be modified for specific agency needs. The Viking Incident/Case Management systems are developed using Microsoft Visual Basic, and use either an Oracle
  • 12750 Fair Lakes Circle
  • Fairfax, VA 22033
  • Phone: (703) 502-4100
  • Toll Free:
  • Fax:
  • Website: http://notavailable

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300AE paging horn

Product From Viking Technology Inc

High Power Weather Resistant Paging Horn for Use with 8 Ohm or 25V / 70V Systems

The 300AE paging horn provides a direct voice coil connection for use with 8 ohm paging systems such as Viking models PA-2A, PA-15, HF-3W, DVA-2WA and M2W. Even though its 30 watt rating is greater than these lower power paging amplifiers provide, the 300AE is an excellent choice because it is more efficient than Viking’s smaller 25AE paging horn. In other words, the larger 300AE only needs 1 watt of power to play as loud as 2 watts being driven into the smaller 25AE paging horn.

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