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Orsus is a pioneer and innovator in developing Situation Management software solutions; a comprehensive and unique approach that coordinates the interaction between people, alerting sources and responses.

Orsus' flagship offering, Situator, is the leading Situation Management software platform in the market, possessing the best integration technology available. Situator enables situation planning, response and analysis for the security, safety and crisis management markets where the risk of human error can lead to financial loss, injury and damage to public image. As a world leader in shaping the future of Situation Management, Orsus has successfully implemented Situator in a variety of industries


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Situator Version 6

Product From Orsus

Orsus has launched Situator Version 6, which includes a Situation Management Solutions Library. The platform now enables end-users to choose from an off-the-shelf Situation Management Solution Library to seamlessly implement turn-key solutions. The library is comprised of solutions such as the "Asset Tracking" family of solutions that include "Executive Tracking" and "Visitor Tracking." It provides Command Center operators with the ability to continuously track visitors on site and more importantly notifies the appropriate people if the visitor enters an unauthorized area. A "Route Management" family of solutions includes "Vehicle Route Management" and "Guard Route Management," which provide alerts on such conditions as vehicles or guards that move off course or are idle for too long. Additionally, an "Operational Compliance" Solution provides a single view of the status of all elements that need to be monitored for compliance and can automatically prioritize and launch appropriate response procedures upon exceptions.

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