Zecurion Inc.

Zecurion Inc.

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Zecurion is an award-winning, global enterprise security company that fights insider threats at multiple levels by protecting storage media devices and peripherals. With over 5,000 deployments worldwide, Zecurion enables IT departments to protect their systems before any such theft occurs by creating a "locked vault" - preventing employees from stealing valuable intellectual property, confidential and proprietary information, or business intelligence. Led by a world class team of seasoned executives, Zecurion is headquartered in Moscow, with offices in New York City.

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Zserver Suite

Product From Zecurion Inc.

Zecurion Inc.'s Zserver suite enables organizations and IT departments to take a holistic view of enterprise security, delivering tools and resources to secure business-critical data inside the network. The tool protects confidential information at the processing and storage level, employing a multi-threaded encryption process that functions transparently and writes encrypted data to storage media in real-time. This write/read encryption process ensures the safety and security of data even if the storage media device is removed. It includes AES encryption with a 256-bit key, which is stored in the PIN-secured memory of smart cards or USB tokens. Keys can be split into multiple parts, eliminating the risk of one person having the key to all the information.

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