Payne Fence Products

Payne Fence Products

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Payne Fence Products, LLC has been active in the fence industry for more than 14 years. In this time, Payne Fence Products has been an industry leader in innovative Security and Architectural Metal Fence products, specializing on revolutionary system designs for Commercial, Industrial and High-Security applications.

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Guardian Fence System

Product From Payne Fence Products

The Guardian Fence System from Payne Fence Products features high-security electronic components, such as tamper detection and surveillance cabling, and can be fully integrated into the fence barrier. Because of the system's modular design, existing fences, such as chain link fences, can be easily retrofitted without removing existing posts. Constructed of rigid metal mesh materials, the system is also capable of incorporating restrictive components such as barbed tape concertina and cable-based anti-crash elements.

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