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Inova Solutions

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Founded in 1984, Inova Solutions is a global provider of real-time visual communications that help colleges, universities, call centers and others instantly communicate vital information. For details, visit

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Inova Solutions has upgraded its visual mass notification system, Inova OnAlert, to offer e-mail-based message delivery, audible tones to complement visual messages and a synchronized timekeeping function. The system provides instant campus-wide mass notification by broadcasting emergency messages on power-efficient LED displays. Authorized campus safety personnel can change these messages by sending a concise e-mail to a designated address. The body of the e-mail message then scrolls across multiple Power over Ethernet (PoE) message boards throughout campus. The e-mail message delivery function can be configured to work simultaneously with other e-mail and SMS/text messaging systems. Additionally, the system plays a brief audible tone when a new emergency message is displayed on the signs.

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