EarthCam Inc.

EarthCam Inc.

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EarthCam is the recognized leader in providing webcam content, technology, and software. Commencing in 1996, EarthCam began developing the proprietary software, network infrastructure and technical expertise which now allows it to deliver millions of live images from thousands of cameras each day.

From the wireless delivery of images to the Java image viewing applets, EarthCam possesses the unparalleled technical expertise to offer consumers the ability to view, create and share webcam content at anytime and in any location worldwide.

EarthCam is focused on producing recurring revenue opportunities by providing affordable end-to-end "visual information" solutions primarily to its corporate customers, third party sites and strategic partners. EarthCam can webcast public or private video content across multiple bandwidths, including delivery to set-top boxes in the convergent media space and to wireless applications. Heavy use applications are obvious in the targeted construction, security, traffic, weather, tourism, and news/media industries.

EarthCam's acknowledged leadership in webcam technology, brand awareness, and increasing visibility in the live image market provides the company with opportunities to market its software capabilities, solutions and back-end support to corporate customers. EarthCam's proprietary webcam solutions have led to many strategic alliances with companies such as MSN, Yahoo!, AOL/Time Warner, ESPN, NASCAR, Ford, CNN, NFL,,, Panasonic, Sprint / Nextel, and Microsoft.


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8-Megapixel, High-Definition WebCams

Product From EarthCam Inc.

EarthCam Inc.'s 8-megapixel, High-Definition WebCams, feature 166 percent greater image quality than standard 3-megapixel models currently available. The rugged, self-cleaning Webcam is part of a full line of public safety, surveillance and construction Webcams developed, installed and managed for major government and construction companies. The systems are custom-engineered for projects from routine observation to hazardous duty to protect and record at all times. They are designed for a range of applications, from nuclear facilities to shopping centers.

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