MATE Intelligent Video

MATE Intelligent Video

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MATE Intelligent Video is a global provider of cutting-edge, real time video analytics solutions for proactive video and IP surveillance, people and car counting, and tailgating detection. MATE's advanced video content analysis technology detects and analyzes potential threats and hazards, generating real-time alerts based on user's pre-defined parameters. Founded in 1997, MATE has gained extensive experience in the video analytics field, and has positioned itself as a market leader. Leveraging an open architecture, MATE's flexible and field-proven solutions integrate easily into any network topology, and are sold, installed and supported by top tier systems integrators and distributors worldwide.

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Version 4.0 Video Analytics Software

Product From MATE Intelligent Video

MATE-Intelligent Video is showcasing version 4.0 of its video analytics software, which incorporates significant new features, including Rule Dependency - a feature enabling users to combine multiple detection rules and to custom-name alarms. The software offers an increased channel capacity offering systems capable of analyzing up to 12 analog or IP channels on a single server.

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