ATEC Security

ATEC Security

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Award-winning ATEC Security is a specialist security and communications systems integrator. Offering specific expertise in the design and installation of sophisticated CCTV schemes, access control systems, integrated security solutions and the communications infrastructure, ATEC enables organisations to function seamlessly.

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Temporary Control Portal

Product From ATEC Security

ATEC Security's control portal is housed in a solid steel freight container, has turnstiles operated by access cards and the latest CCTV over IP integrated into the box, providing full access control. Ideal for temporary sites, such as summer festivals or sporting events, the container can be transported, relocated and set up quickly. Within the container are three bi-directional turnstiles providing six lanes of controlled access with MiFare Desfire access card reader points. This means that approximately 700 people can enter per turnstile every hour, or 2,100 per container. The system also enables access cards to be printed on site, following Web form completion and ID checks.

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