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For over 25 years, Spectrex Inc. has been providing the market with the best detection and suppression systems and products that meet the highest customers' requirements for reliability, quality and operation in extremely tough environments.

Spectrex's competitive edge is based on its innovative capabilities and its unique technologies that are protected by more than 20 diverse international patents, including UV/IR and IR3 Optical Flame Detection, Flash-Type Open Path Gas Detection, EMF and SFE novel fire suppression technologies.

For more information about Spectrex Inc. and its products, visit www.spectrex-inc.com, or contact Eric Zinn at +1(973) 239-8398 or +1(800) 452-2107 (Toll free within the US only).


SharpEye 40/40 series Optical Flame Detectors

SharpEye 40/40 series Optical Flame Detectors

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