Avocado Security

Company Details:
11350 Random Hills Road
Suite 800
Fairfax, Va. 22030 USA

Phone: 866-608-1116

Avocado Security's business intelligence optimization platform help clients reach new untapped potential. To enable security + business intelligence information sharing across the organization, Avocado Security provides a web based On-Demand platform. This, along with a pioneering video mining and a state-of-the art data center, helps increase productivity, security and business intelligence across our clients' enterprise.

Since 1986, Avocado Security's seasoned management team has successfully created five successful companies in the areas of Security, Networking CRM, Security Management and Network Management. All companies have resulted in solid customer base, winning many prestigious national and international industry awards, and successful M&A or venture capital investments.

Now, Avocado Security is the first provider of cross-platform BI & Security On-Demand service
Avocado Security helps corporations transform their security, Business Intelligence and operational data into actionable intelligence. Our Security + Business Intelligence platform, Avocado 2.0, gives businesses solutions to all of their query, reporting, and advanced analytical needs, and distributes insight to security personnel, Sales & Marketing team, and executive management team via web and wireless. With many satisfied customers and technology and integration partners, Avocado 2.0 has been proven the World's first and most complete BI & Security Platform as service.
Avocado Security is a privately held company with headquarters in Virginia, located in high technology corridor of metropolitan Washington DC.



Consolidator 3.0

From Avocado Security

Avocado Security releases Consolidator 3.0

November 2, 2009
From Avocado Security

Avocado Security solutions used at presidential inauguration

February 6, 2009
From Avocado Security

Avocado Security launches Enterprise Edition Version 2.0

December 30, 2008
From Avocado Security