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Berkeley, CA 94704 USA

Phone: 510-540-9603
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Products delivered by Eutecus combine complex analytics with multi/many-core processor architectures and create massively parallel, configurable video processors for DSPs, FPGAs and ASICs targeted at a variety of OEM products and applications. Customers will benefit from CVT by simultaneously increasing the intelligence of embedded solutions while reducing their size, weight and power.

Eutecus' products include:

MVETM - multi-core video analytics engine - combining cross-platform software and multi-core video analytics processors for surveillance and reconnaisance,

InstantVision - cross-platform integrated software environment for video analytics development - software libraries and tools offered to synthesize generic surveillance and reconnaissance solutions,

C-MVATM - real-time multi-core analytics processors in FPGAs - soft IP cores offered for high-resolution, video frame-rate, low power video surveillance and reconnaissance for portable, embedded systems,

C-TONTM - real-time many-core analytics processors in ASICs - hard IP cores offered for low-resolution, ultra-high frame-rate, low power event monitoring and analysis.

Eutecus also provides customization services and fully-functional evaluation versions of a reference hardware design (award-winning Bi-i family) and the associated complete software environment (InstantVision ISE), allowing "hands-on" understanding of the advantages of CVT.


Bi-i V401X Video Analytics Module

Bi-i V401X Video Analytics Module

From Eutecus
Eutecus offers new video analytics module

Eutecus offers new video analytics module

March 2, 2010
From Eutecus