Trilithic Inc.

Trilithic Inc.

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Trilithic, Inc. is an industry leader providing telecommunications solutions for major Broadband and RF & Microwave markets around the world.
Key product groups include instruments and service assurance systems for major Broadband providers; RF and Microwave components and subsystems for cellular, military communications and many other wireless industries; and government-mandated Emergency Alert Systems used by HFC service providers and broadcasters in the United States. In all of these industries, Trilithic has earned a reputation for innovation, technical performance and flexibility in meeting customers' exacting requirements. For more information visit

  • 9710 Park Davis Drive
  • Indianapolis, IN 46235
  • USA
  • Phone: (317) 895-3600
  • Toll Free: (888) 895-7604
  • Fax: (317) 895-3613
  • Website:

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STE-1200 CCTV Security Tester

Product From Trilithic Inc.

XFTP by Trilithic has released the STE-1200 CCTV Security Tester for the installation and maintenance of closed circuit video monitoring systems. With a 3.5 inch LCD and the ability to adapt automatically to display video from NTSC or PAL cameras, the unit can be used to display video feeds directly from security cameras, control the movement of Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras, generate colorbar test images, capture addressing data from serial control systems and test LAN cables. Support for more than 20 PTZ protocols such as Pelco and Samsung allow for easy adjustments, including zoom, pan, tilt, focus and creating preset positions for security cameras.

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