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KidSpotter, is the world's first indoor and outdoor tracking system designed for safety conscious venues. KidSpotter operates in high footfall markets such as Theme Parks, Leisure and Shopping Malls.

KidSpotter is the worlds most advanced child tracking system in operation and is a recognised leader in child safety solutions. KidSpotter is constantly striving to improve the current offering and looks to align with forward thinking, visionary companies in the entertainment, leisure, property and technology fields.

With KidSpotter, guardians always receive greater peace of mind whilst the venues are enabled to enhance the overall guest experience to their most important of assets, their customer.


  • 4285 Express Lane
  • Suite G4622
  • Sarasota, FL 34238
  • USA
  • Phone: 941 462 3380
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Kidspotter location device


KidSpotter is a location device that integrates wireless and satellite networks together with mobile technologies to create an advanced location solution. Upon entry to a KidSpotter-enabled venue, parents can rent a "Spotter,"a small GPS and wireless wristwatch-like device that broadcasts the child's location to the KidSpotter server.

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