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Mirasys is a provider of open platform digital CCTV and video surveillance solutions. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland with offices in Bangkok, Barcelona, Helsinki, Frankfurt, Johannesburg, London, Milan, Paris and Stockholm, it provides innovative security solutions that manage over 300,000 cameras around the world. Mirasys flagship products, NVR Pro and NVR Enterprise, protect banks, retail outlets, schools, cultural and heritage sites and government facilities.

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Carbon VMS 5.11

Product From Mirasys

Mirasys Carbon VMS 5.11 brings full-featured video content analysis (VCA) functionality to analogue cameras, without the need for expensive video encoders. The analogue VCA solution is based on Mirasys' Open VCA platform which allows customers to select and introduce any required intelligent VCA solution, including object detection, perimeter protection and advanced number plate recognition from any vendor. Customers also benefit from the Open VCA platform's comprehensive metadata database where results of video analytics can be stored and then retrieved at a later date.

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