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LENSEC was founded in 1998 as Progressive Systems LLC., to provide advanced software systems and custom integration services that would enable real-time situational awareness for customers and first responders without having to install invasive and proprietary programs onto client computers. Building off of our mission to deliver innovation with easy-to-use web-based tools, LENSEC's Perspective Video Management Software platform is the next evolution of smart-client video monitoring and investigative software.

  • 1800 Bering Drive
  • Suite 751
  • Houston, TX 77057
  • United States
  • Phone: 713.395.0800
  • Toll Free: 800.348.4234
  • Fax: 713.395.0597
  • Website: http://www.lensec.com

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Perspective VMS

Product From Lensec

Lensec will introduce its next-generation video management solution, Perspective VMS, at ISC West. Built on the Microsoft Silverlight development platform, the VMS provides an easy-to-use, intuitive Web-based interface for real-time situational awareness and post-event forensic analysis. The system integrates features previously available only with a thick client application, such as documentation and collaboration. The secure Internet application provides flexibility in a wired, wireless or remote environment.

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