D3 Security Management Systems Inc.

Company Details:
Suite 707, 1177 West Hastings St.
Vancouver, V6E2K3 Canada

Phone: 1-800-608-0081
Toll Free: 1-800-608-0081
Fax: 213-221-2062

D3 Security Management Systems develops and supports the most advanced incident reporting, investigation case management, computer aided dispatch (CAD), security post orders and security guard tour patrol systems on the market.

D3’s products are designed to manage Security, Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance functions of organizations. A hallmark of any D3 system is that it promotes the efficient and consistent gathering of critical data,  automatically triggering appropriate actions, and ensuring compliance.  Analysis is therefore enabled, using built-in business intelligence (BI) for predictability modeling and analytics, which ultimately optimizes client operations through intelligent, strategic and tactical Data-Driven Decision-Making.

D3’s cutting edge web-based technology is fully customizable and designed to accomodate an organization's specific requirements. Systems are available through Enterprise (on site servers) or Software-as-a -Service (cloud computing) licensing models.

D3 Incident Reporting

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D3 Investigation/Case Management

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D3 Casino ICM Incident Reporting Software

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