Airborne Biometrics Group (ABG)

Airborne Biometrics Group (ABG)

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Airborne Biometrics Group (ABG) was founded in 2007 by online security pioneer Joseph Rosenkrantz. The company is a venture-funded spin-off of Airborne Technologies, Inc., a worldwide supplier of precision structural components and assemblies for military and commercial use for more than a quarter-century.

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Product From Airborne Biometrics Group (ABG)

FaceFirst is Airborne Biometrics Group’s fully automated facial recognition platform which generates alerts whenever a face match above a user-defined probability is reached. At that point, customers are provided with user-defined alerting and notification to any device or workstation when a person of interest is detected by the system. Built as an algorithm-agnostic biometric platform, the system provides military-grade facial identification that communicates instantly with a vast central database, configured according to an end-user’s requirements.

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