Iris ID Systems Inc.

Iris ID Systems Inc.

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Iris ID Systems Inc., formerly a division of LG Electronics USA known as LG IRIS, has been active in iris recognition research, development and production since 1997. Today U.S.-based Iris ID Systems is a global player in the iris recognition business. IrisAccess is the world’s leading deployed iris recognition platform and in thousands of locations authenticating the identities of millions and millions of persons. More people look to IrisAccess for iris-based authentication that to all other iris recognition products combined. To find out more, visit

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IrisAccess iCAM 7000 Series

Product From Iris ID Systems Inc.

Iris ID Systems Inc., formerly LG Electronics Iris Technology Division, has introduced the IrisAccess iCAM 7000 Series iris recognition cameras. Features include: An auto-focus lens-enabled iris acquisition process to ensure rapid, high-quality iris image capture for enrollment and recognition; and a motor-driven targeting aid, which is is part of an intuitive and interactive interface that also includes customizable voice prompts and visual feedback.

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