United Security Protective Services

United Security Protective Services

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United Security Protective Services was started in 2005 by Chelsea Cleary with the urging of her husband Kevin. Kevin Cleary has over 12 years experience in retail loss prevention and law enforcement and recognized that there was a need for a nationwide security company that would be able to provide customized services for their clients with an emphasis on flexibility, reliability and customer service. Kevin’s knowledge proved to be invaluable as he consulted for the new venture.

  • 159 N Main Street
  • Mullica Hill, NJ 08062
  • Phone:
  • Toll Free: 866-456-7101
  • Fax: 856-456-7108
  • Website: www.unitedguards.com

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United Security Alarm Response Center

Product From United Security Protective Services

United Security Protection Services has launched a new service to help business and property owners more effectively manage the cost of on-site alarm verification and response. The new United Security Alarm Response Center assesses an alarm, determines whether it is a false or actual alert, and sends fully trained, licensed and insured United Security Alarm Response personnel to the site before enlisting municipal emergency assistance. This verification process helps business and property owners avoid incurring additional fees for municipal emergency services such as police and fire department responses until actually needed.

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