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Since 1994 Technomad has been manufacturing high-fidelity, IP56 weatherproof loudspeakers and rugged, reliable outdoor speaker systems for a wide range of clients. Proprietary weatherproofing and rainproof technology is combined with military-specification enclosures and first-rate loudspeaker drivers to produce best in class solutions for outdoor sound reinforcement, military sound, school, university, cruise ship and touring sound applications. Technomad weathertech rain-proof 3 layer grills provide an unmatched solution for high quality outdoor audio that resists rain, snow, precipitation, insects and other sources of loudspeaker and speaker damage.

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Technomad's PowerChiton Amplifier Modules and Berlin loudspeakers

Product From Technomad

Technomad PowerChiton high-power waterproof amplifier modules drive live and pre-recorded messages to the loudspeakers for campus-wide broadcast. The project also marries all indoor/outdoor PA points and associated pan/tilt/zoom cameras to an existing Edwards EST-3 campus-wide fire alarm system, programmed and upgraded by Performance System Integration, an Edwards EST Life Safety and Communications Strategic Partner.

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