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MAXguard spike strips provide affordable perimeter protection for residential and business security. MAXguard spike strips are easy to install onto fences, walls, or other yard perimeters that consist of brick, block, stone, iron, chain-link, wood, and PVC. MAXguard spike strips are UV and impact resistant and can be painted to match any exterior fence. MAXguard spike strips are made up of 1-1/2 blunt or sharp tip metal spikes which enable security without compromising aesthetics.

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MAXguard Spike Strips

Product From MAXguard

MAXguard provides an inexpensive alternative for added protection on any perimeter wall or fence by impeding a burglar's entrance by way of climbing. MAXguard's Spike Strips are UV and impact resistant, non-lethal, and can withstand extreme temperatures. The spike strips are comprised of one or three rows of 1 ½ inch high blunt metal spikes that establish maximum security for commercial and residential uses. The strips are available in 46 inch lengths and can be linked together and contoured for use on any wall or fence that has a flat top with a width of at least 1 ½ inches or any standard chain-link fence with a 1 ? inch wide flat top. The standard color of the spike strips are grey, however they can be painted to blend with any décor.

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