Cam-Dex Security Corp.

Company Details:
10 Central Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66118

Phone: 913-621-6160

Founded in 1957, Cam-Dex Security Corp. is the Midwest’s premier security systems integration company. The company offers years of experience in the quality, design, assembly, testing, installation and maintenance of integrated security systems. Cam-Dex offers a full line of products from the industry's leading manufacturers in the areas of access control, IP video, ID badging, intercom systems, and digital recording. An independent systems integrator, Cam-Dex is also a member of Security-Net, Inc., a group of 19 systems integrators across North America that shares best business practices and collaborate on projects that span multiple geographical areas.

Cam-Dex opens new technology center

April 19, 2012
From Cam-Dex Security Corp.

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