CRN Wireless

Company Details:
1515 Middle Country Road
Suite 1
Centereach, NY 11720

Phone: 631-696-2769
Fax: 631-698-7943

CRN is a leading national provider of M2M signal processing for the security alarm business and a
manufacturer of wireless alarm communication devices sold in the US and abroad. We operate the CRN proprietary network, a system of NearNet fixed point-to-point UHF and AlarmPath cellular radio
transmitting devices that send wireless mission critical data signals to our proprietary network operations center (NOC). The NOC collects the encrypted wireless signals, instantly decodes those signals and seamlessly routes them to a pre-determined recipient, such as a central monitoring station.

CRN Wireless' AP-D200 and AP-S200

CRN Wireless' AP-D200 and AP-S200

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