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Established in 2000 but with roots that go back to 1991, Meyertech is a British
designer of Video Management Systems (VMS). Headquartered in Manchester,
England, Meyertech is a leading technology company in the video security industry
designing and developing analogue, hybrid and network video solutions

  • Unit 2B, Zebra Court
  • Greenside Way
  • Manchester,
  • United Kingdom
  • Phone: 44(0) 161 643 7956
  • Toll Free:
  • Fax:
  • Website:

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Meyertech's Fusion-Incident-Vantage Incident Logging and Reporting Software

Product From Meyertech

Manchester, UK – 25th July 2012 – Following the successful launch of its incident logging and reporting software, Fusion-Incident-Vantage, Meyertech has produced a full on-line brochure explaining in depth the features and benefits Vantage provides for managers of CCTV public space schemes.

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