Vizbee RFID Solutions

Vizbee RFID Solutions

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Vizbee produces comprehensive RFID solutions and RTLS systems for locating and tracking assets and people, allowing rapid and riskless deployment of projects in various vertical markets.

  • Passive RFID, Active RFID, GPS/GPRS, GSM Ultrasonic etc.
  • Select mix and match the technologies best suited for your projects' RFID solutions
  • Intuitive graphical interface
  • Fully parameter driven software
  • Scalable and evolves with customer's needs
  • Open architecture and APIs for seamless integration with third party systems
  • 34 A, Rue des Vinaigriers
  • 75010 Paris, France
  • ,
  • France
  • Phone: +33 (0) 982.582.817
  • Toll Free:
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  • Website:

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