Artec ID

Company Details:
125 University Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94301

Artec ID, a unit of Artec Group, Inc., focuses on walk through identification and has an established reputation in 3D shape acquisition and object recognition technology, which is proven by a long history of invention and commercialization of advanced 3D imaging and processing technologies.  Artec ID’s team of researchers pioneered 3D face recognition technology in 1999 and cultivated it from an idea stage to a biometric solution that became an industry standard worldwide in 2006. 


Now, Artec ID’s technology is widely used all over the world by clients ranging from government agencies, airports and military facilities to museums, banks and factories.  The company has filed four patent applications in the United States and two in Russia.  Further, Artec ID’s recognition technology is installed in Russia including Moscow’s Kremlin, SBERBANK, which is the biggest bank in Russia, storage at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, and Norilsk airport security.  The company also has installed technology worldwide, including a museum in Qatar, a large factory in Japan, and a large bank in Spain.

Broadway 3D from Artec ID

Broadway 3D from Artec ID

From Artec ID