Fulcrum Biometrics

Fulcrum Biometrics


Founded in 2002, Fulcrum Biometrics is a leading provider, distributor and integrator of biometric identification technologies and devices for commercial, civil and military customers in more than 88 countries worldwide. Fulcrum’s offerings include industry-leading biometric software development tools, fingerprint scanners and other biometric sensors as well as custom software development for multiple platforms, custom integration and implementation of identity management applications and access control systems.

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FbF Palm Vein Developer Bundle from Fulcrum Biometrics

Product From Fulcrum Biometrics

San Antonio, Texas – June 5, 2013 – Fulcrum Biometrics, a leading international provider, distributor and integrator of biometric systems and devices, today announced the availability of the FbF Palm Vein Developer Bundle. This suite, which includes the award-winning Fujitsu PalmSecure sensor, FbF Palm Vein bioServer, FbF Listener, and FbF Biometric Controls, reduces the cost and complexity of integrating and deploying the latest palm vein technology into biometric identification projects.

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