Windemuller Electric

Company Details:
1176 Electric Avenue
Wayland, MI 49348

Phone: (616) 877-8770
Toll Free: (800) 333-3641
Fax: (616) 877-8700

Windemuller provides advanced technical and design services throughout Michigan and beyond. Our family-owned company was established in 1954 as an electrical contractor, but has expanded into automation, communications and IT, electrical services, outdoor utilities, and renewable energy. Within those categories, we have worked on projects relating to Healthcare, data centers, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, industrial manufacturing, life sciences, agricultural, and public work.

From sophisticated security systems for the government to controls and automated processes for environmental cleanups to responding to emergencies on an industrial site, we are responsive and innovative.

At its heart, Windemuller is about our people and the people we serve. We are more than 200 individuals strong and serve thousands of customers of all sizes within industrial, government, municipal, and commercial entities.

Windemuller has six Michigan locations: Grand Rapids, Traverse City, Big Rapids, Whitehall, Petoskey and Kalamazoo.