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NIBO is one of the leading Manufactures of Time and Attendance Management Systems and Door Access Control for over 15 years. With 2 factories based in China, we have branch offices in the United States as well as Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and India.

Over the last 5 years, our research and development team has advanced traditional time recorders and successfully developed technology and hardware to replace time cards with an individual’s fingerprint, and to replace manual calculations with trusted computed time-saving management software.

With our success in the industry and increasing demand for our products and services, NIBO has entered the next stage in the U.S. market and is doing business as David-Link, promoting our well-developed integration of biometric terminals with time management software in order to better provide solutions to business, HR and to address the security that follows each.

David-Link targets the distribution channels and OEM/ODM market supported by quality products with competitive pricing direct from the manufacturer. Along with our advantage in pricing and quality, David-Link also offers customization of products and software that best serves your individual business needs. Because we understand every business likes to sell its own unique products, please visit our Partnership Page to find out about our minimum quantity requirements for NIBO to manufacture products with your brand name affixed to the units [white label]. At NIBO / David Link, there is never a pressured sale. We simply supply you with the tools, equipment, software and support that helps your business run smoother.

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BioSec-H1 Biometric Home Safe

Product From David-Link

David-Link Fingerprint is excited to introduce the new Biometric Home Safe, BioSec-H1. BioSec-H1 will protect your valuables with one of the safest and the most convenient methods available, identification using your unique fingerprint so that your prized possessions will not end up in the wrong hands. This plug-and-play Biometric Home Safe with top of the line technology stores up to 29 fingerprints and is perfect for hotel rooms and residential uses. Its size can also be used as a medicine storage and is gun safe. 

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