DB Networks

Company Details:
5909 Sea Lion Place
Suite H
Carlsbad, CA 92010

Toll Free: (800) 598-0450

DB Networks is a privately held corporation headquartered in San Diego, CA. Over five years of development has been invested into the company's intellectual property in complex behavioral analysis and database security. Members of the management team have been successful in creating new markets across the security, database and network domains.

DB Networks was founded to create defenses against attacks on the organizations databases. It is our belief that the right technologies can shift the current enterprise security paradigm based on tracking insiders database activity to a foundation of active database attack prevention through complex behavioral analysis. Today's security solutions require the enterprise to complete extensive customization of signature files and perform time-consuming and on-going maintenance of these files simply to detect a small portion of known attacks. Maintenance of these solutions often is dependent on significant investment in customization that requires expert understanding of the web, application and database tiers.

IDS-6300 intelligent security appliance

IDS-6300 intelligent security appliance

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