CaptureTech / Barcoding Inc.

CaptureTech / Barcoding Inc.

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CaptureTech, originally started with the assistance of Barcoding, Inc., 14 years ago, is all about traceability. As a specialist in the field of automatic identification, our focus lies on the most effective use of technologies like Barcode , RF, RFID, Vision and Voice recognition. 

Barcoding, Inc. is a national systems integrator, specializing in the development, deployment, and management of supply chain and mobility systems based on automated data capture and wireless technology. More than 2,500 organizations depend on Barcoding, Inc. as their trusted advisor for barcoding and radio frequency identification (RFID) applications automating operations in: field service, food and beverage, healthcare, manufacturing and distribution, retail, transportation and logistics, and wholesale inventory. For more information, visit

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CaptureTech Key Management Solution

Product From CaptureTech / Barcoding Inc.

Barcoding, Inc. Announces CaptureTech Key Management Solution

System leverages RFID and barcode technology to help users efficiently, securely and reliably issue and collect keys

BALTIMORE – May 7, 2014 –

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